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I’m starting another new feature on Terry Biddle dot com: comics! In this section I’ll be expanding on the many characters that are part of the Iddy Biddy universe. The first introduction will be The Mighty Monkey-Men!

I thought I’d start it off with their very first comic appearance. This is a little-seen comic I created way back in 2004.

You’ll also notice some differences in the look of the characters as well as what they were once called. This is “pre-branded” Monkey-Men uniform and contained the earlier “monkey head” emblem.

As for the name, well…I decided to change it as I wanted to avoid confusion with another set of characters that appeared on the scene shortly after. What can you say, peeps can’t get enough of the monkeys and robots!

I am currently in the process of writing a new Monkey-Men series. The tone of this series will be a little darker than the more whimsical nature of this comic. Never fear, it will contain some humor…but you’ll find some more fantasy, fully developed characterization, and some pop-culture elements thrown in. It will focus primarily on the origins of the Mighty Monkey-Men.

I’ll be sharing brand new installments in the near future. Until then, enjoy this blast from the past “lost” comic in it’s entirety! It has been remastered for your viewing “pleas-jah”!

And please forgive the color palette, I was on a serious Mike Mignola kick at the time. Enjoy!


I’ve decided to make this a regular feature, because everyone needs a little pick me up to start the work week. Nahmean?

I’ll change it up quite a bit musically from week to week, primarily because I have schizophrenic music tastes. Last week I brought you the Deftones, but this week…we need to start the week with a jam.

From the hey day of Bad Boy Entertainment it’s, Faith Evans with Love Like This. It’s an almost old school jam now (1998), with an older school jam tucked in.

Strap on your roller skates if you wanna rock, but if you’re at your desk…then do The Wop!

Dedicate this to the one you love. (Note: Much more effective when read with a Don Cornelius or Barry White voice.) 😉

Peace and hairgrease!


I am reminded just how limited the English language can be. I just had a tasty gyro from this new Mediterranean joint in Alexandria, but nothing could express my emotion after taking a bite.

I mean, come on, do grown-ups really show just how excited they truly are about something? When was the last time someone really knew how excited you were about something?

This video pretty much sums up “awesomeness.” Next time you want someone to know how excited you are, nothing says pumped like a giant red pitcher bursting through a wall.

The Kool-Aid Man is a cultural institution! So I bow before thee Kool-Aid Man, as your image has officially replaced the word: excitement!

That’s an enthusiasm gap if I ever saw one! Oh yeah!