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When last we left our heroes, they were chatting in the courtyard of an abandoned army hospital.

We are nearing the end of Chapter 1! Only TWO MORE EPISODES LEFT. Don’t know if you heard me…


A “Smallish” Note

You might have noticed that the text looks a little different this go ’round. Well, this is ‘cuz I’m using my own custom Monkey-Men font (tentatively titled “Monkey Brush”) that I finally got around to creating.

This is in part why you haven’t seen any new Monkey-Men stuff for a few weeks. There are a lot of behind the scenes design issues I’ve been cooking up, including a new logotype. I’ll be sharing all that stuff with you all as soon as I get closer to the completion of the print edition of this chapter.

It will be similar to what you have experienced…just better flow, some color tweaking, Monkey Brush type replacement and redraws. That’s all. 😉

The beauty of working on this project as a webcomic is that I get to work the kinks out as a go. As a comic newbie (save for my high-school days), I’m learning as I go—hence the color experimentation in the last few episodes. In the print edition—all these things will be consistent.

Until next time! The Mighty Monkey-Men: always bananas!



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When last we left our heroes, Dr. Mandrill was joining his buddies in the middle of the night at an abandoned Army hospital.

To keep the story going, I’m going to post in black & white this week before I add color. This’ll also give you all a good idea of what it looks like before it gets the computer treatment. Let me know what you think! Look for a color update later on.

And finally…there’s only 3 episodes left before Chapter 1 wraps up! Be sure to keep tuning in!


Color! Woohoo!

Until next time! The Mighty Monkey-Men: always bananas!