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If this video doesn’t scare the crap out of you, I don’t know what will.

I’m sure like me, many of you have been glued to the television and various news sources wondering when—and if—this spill will ever be contained. To make your stomach turn even more, here are some gut-wrenching videos and resources showing the extent of the devastation, and the possible extent of the devastation.

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Video here shows time lapse of the spill. This is part of NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System which provides daily near real time satellite images of Earth’s landmasses. The spill has begun a new feature called appropriately enough the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico Project Page. Daily images will be posted here.

NY Times

And here of course, is the now famous NY Times oil spill tracking infographic where the spill is tracked daily. Be sure to click the other tabs to view the other charts as well.

For the sake of  everyone, let’s hope this all ends soon.


If It Was My

This location based website puts the oil spill where you live.

Update 2:

Fast Company

Infographic that highlights the cost of the spill (thus far).


I am reminded just how limited the English language can be. I just had a tasty gyro from this new Mediterranean joint in Alexandria, but nothing could express my emotion after taking a bite.

I mean, come on, do grown-ups really show just how excited they truly are about something? When was the last time someone really knew how excited you were about something?

This video pretty much sums up “awesomeness.” Next time you want someone to know how excited you are, nothing says pumped like a giant red pitcher bursting through a wall.

The Kool-Aid Man is a cultural institution! So I bow before thee Kool-Aid Man, as your image has officially replaced the word: excitement!

That’s an enthusiasm gap if I ever saw one! Oh yeah!


Berlin based artist Sweza has come up with a unique way of preserving graffiti. The artist captures original graffiti art and later pastes QR codes where the original graffiti (now covered up) used to be.

Using a mobile code reader app, you can now see the original covered up graffiti art.

I think it’s the perfect marriage of new school, meets old school. New media meets old media.

Very, very clever. I could see this sort of thing catching on.

Also posted on and you can see the original post by the artist here.


So, I was taking a long Saturday morning stroll with my wife and dog to the U Street farmer’s market. I often pass these Smart Bikes when walking through the city, but this particular morning the design similarities to another famous bike suddenly dawned on me.

Right? Right? It’s the bike from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure! Why didn’t I notice this before? As if you needed any further proof of the awesomeness that is Pee-Wee Herman. Too bad they didn’t include any of the features from Pee-Wee’s bike on these bad boys. I guess oil slicks might have been a safety hazard.

Coincidence? I think not! They meant to do that! 😉