The internet face space of designer, illustrator, type designer, writer, and humorist Terry Biddle.


Captain Ca-Ca’s Worst Nightmare

Captain Ca-Ca confronts his germaphobia.

The Mighty Monkey-Men Character Design (Captain Ca-Ca)

Man or Monkey-man? Captain Ca-Ca disables his enemies by throwing his own excrement. Unfortunately, he also suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). He is generally very excitable and has a very difficult time relaxing.

The Mighty Monkey-Men Character Design (Go-Go Thrilla)

Man or Monkey-man? Go-Go is the strongest member of the team. He can be quite sarcastic, and enjoys the finer things in life such as fine cigars and scotch.

The Mighty Monkey-Men Character Design (Dr. Mandrill)

Man or Monkey-man? Dr. Mandrill is the leader of the team. Fearless, brilliant and strong.

The Mighty Monkey-Men Character Design (Scorch)

The supervillain of The Mighty Monkey-Men. The mind of a cold-war era dictator, the body of an Austrian Mr. Olympia champion: Scorch is 100% pure concentrated evil.

Coda Monday Character Design (Codi)

Codi—the “coatimundi,” is the drummer, namesake & most popular menber of the cartoon hard rock band, “Coda Monday.”

Coda Monday Character Design (T. Biddy)

You know who it is. The lead singer and guitar player for the cartoon hard rock band, Coda Monday.

Character Design (S.A.M.: Super Awesome Machine)

S.A.M. is a robot made of a special malleable metal. S.A.M. longs to fit into society, so he wears a necktie to blend in. He also happens to be a mean bass player, where he plays in the cartoon hard rock group, Coda Monday.

Character Design (Big Green Smokie)

Giant firebreathing lizard. Enjoys trashing major metropolitan cities. Also sought for it’s naturally smoky flavor which is commonly used to make hot dogs or “half-smokies.”