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I’m sure by now, most have heard of the new Arizona illegal immigration law, or as it is affectionately (facetiously, of course) called by many in the media the “papers please” law. I was reminded of my second published and first cover illustration, for the Reno News and Review that I did back in 2008 that covered this topic. You can read that article here.

Although this was illustrated a few years back, I thought the subject matter was very timely given the current political climate. I’ll take you through the process and throw a couple of cents at the end if you’ll indulge me.

First sketch to the art director. Looking back, this sketch was particularly Sketchy McSketcherson McGee.

Here’s what it looked like after the initial inking. You’ll notice a light ink wash in the background. Some use pens for inking, but I prefer using brushes. I ink the vast majority of my illustrations with brushes of various thicknesses.

“And-duh,” the final illustration! You’ll see here that most of the ink brush strokes are still intact. The ink wash texture however, did not make it into the final piece. I felt a flat, solid color would work the best.

This illustration was a little different for me, as I use a lot of colors in my illustrations typically. This time I used a more muted palette; and I was pleased with the final outcome. I actually won a Nevada Press Association award for it. Specifically—the title of 2nd Best Illustration…keep scrolling, I’m on here somewhere. 🙂


I know not everyone likes to mix politics with creative work, but I like a little Tabasco sauce in my tequila (no really, it’s delicious).

I’ve read a couple of columns this week that really sum up my feelings on this issue. I was going to chime in with my 2 cents (I probably have a “buck fifty” on the matter), but I’ll leave this to Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu and New York Times columnist Frank Rich.

I doubt I could say it better than them. 😉

Peace and Hairgrease,

T. Biddy