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Music Monday on Thursday? A little late for my weekly music post, right? My bad! Sorry to disappoint you both. 😉

This week one of my best friends, local DC hip-hop artist, Ardamus has just posted the video for the song “My Kinda Party” off his latest album (with producer The Metaphysical) called A Day in the Life of Modern Day Living.

If you like hip-hop, give it a listen (audio NSFW). But if you like hip-hop AND a good live show, you need to show up whenever you see the name Ardamus on a flier.

Cop the album here on iTunes. A fun, hip-hop concept album. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bob your head.

If you like some party hip-hop that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it will not disappoint.

Peace and hairgrease!


So, I was sick one week…and last week was a holiday. Time to start the work week off with another jam. This one is from Tom Tom Club, and it’s called Genius of Love.

One of the things I love about this song is that it get’s the party started no matter where you are. It’s got a little something for everyone. My indie-rock friends and hip-hop friends alike are fans of this tune. This is one of those everybody will lose their mind if you play this kinda songs; just ask any DJ.

Additionally, the art and animation in this video appeals to many of my graphic design colleagues. My wife, Stacey actually found this vinyl album at a thrift store here in DC. We have the album cover framed and hanging above my desk as a matter of fact.

As many of you probably know, I am a fan of hand drawn typography and I enjoy seeing design work down entirely by hand. So enjoy this video & music, as it pleases on many levels.