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I’m back from vacation!

So…how do you all do it? Seriously. How? This is my first foray into the world of web comics, and let me tell ya…it takes a lot of time. Between having a 9 to 5 and maintaining a blog that updates regularly with original content…it is a lot of work, so my hat’s off to you all.

My web comic will be in full color, and will be displayed in “serial” format. Kinda like the old school Spider-Man and Superman strips. Each week (hopefully!) I’ll be offering a full illustrated page of the story, with the eventual goal of collecting them as a bound graphic novel.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks of the work in progress. The rest lives in Photoshop. Full color version will hopefully post tomorrow and subsequent Fridays! I hope you like!


I’m starting another new feature on Terry Biddle dot com: comics! In this section I’ll be expanding on the many characters that are part of the Iddy Biddy universe. The first introduction will be The Mighty Monkey-Men!

I thought I’d start it off with their very first comic appearance. This is a little-seen comic I created way back in 2004.

You’ll also notice some differences in the look of the characters as well as what they were once called. This is “pre-branded” Monkey-Men uniform and contained the earlier “monkey head” emblem.

As for the name, well…I decided to change it as I wanted to avoid confusion with another set of characters that appeared on the scene shortly after. What can you say, peeps can’t get enough of the monkeys and robots!

I am currently in the process of writing a new Monkey-Men series. The tone of this series will be a little darker than the more whimsical nature of this comic. Never fear, it will contain some humor…but you’ll find some more fantasy, fully developed characterization, and some pop-culture elements thrown in. It will focus primarily on the origins of the Mighty Monkey-Men.

I’ll be sharing brand new installments in the near future. Until then, enjoy this blast from the past “lost” comic in it’s entirety! It has been remastered for your viewing “pleas-jah”!

And please forgive the color palette, I was on a serious Mike Mignola kick at the time. Enjoy!