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Sometimes you just gotta. Easier said than done on many occasions. On a Monday morning, it’s especially good to repeat this mantra to yourself. 😉

Not only am I big fan of Queens of the Stone Age, but I’m also a fan of classic motion picture animation. This video is reminiscent of some animation techniques used by such famous animated film directors such as Ralph Bakshi and Don Bluth. The technique is referred to as rotoscoping where animation was actually traced over live-action movements.

This particular instance was probably done entirely on the computer, but the effect is quite similar. You’ll probably notice some similarities between this video and the classic Ralph Bakshi film, American Pop. I wouldn’t be surprised if this music video was done as a throwback to this film and/or this era of early 80’s animation. (See also Rock and Rule and Heavy Metal.)

This video is graphically striking and appeals to both the designer and illustrator in me, not to mention it’s also a pretty rockin’ tune.

Hope you enjoyed the little animation lesson, I hope you enjoy the tune, and lastly—I hope you have a good start to your work week!

Peace and hairgrease!


Oh, the hilarity! By now you’ve probably heard about the Russian spy ring that sounds like the plot of a hilarious 80’s action film probably starring Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Beverly D’Angelo and/or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Check out this clip from The Rachel Maddow Show last night, made all the more hilarious with a reading of “the actual filed complaint” punctuated by a reenactment.

Funny, ‘cuz it’s true!


I’ve decided to make this a regular feature, because everyone needs a little pick me up to start the work week. Nahmean?

I’ll change it up quite a bit musically from week to week, primarily because I have schizophrenic music tastes. Last week I brought you the Deftones, but this week…we need to start the week with a jam.

From the hey day of Bad Boy Entertainment it’s, Faith Evans with Love Like This. It’s an almost old school jam now (1998), with an older school jam tucked in.

Strap on your roller skates if you wanna rock, but if you’re at your desk…then do The Wop!

Dedicate this to the one you love. (Note: Much more effective when read with a Don Cornelius or Barry White voice.) 😉

Peace and hairgrease!